What is your dream job?

Recently I was asked what my dream job is.  When you think about what your dream job is you need to consider certain criteria.  Does this job improve your quality of life?  Does it give you an avenue to express your talents?  Does it give you time to spend with the people you care about most?  Would you do it for free if you had to?  When I look at all these questions and thing about what I really want to do in life I would say that I already doing my dream job.  Are there areas I would like to grow and expand?  Absolutely!  One of my major goals in photography is to work for a supplement company and provide them with some amazing images to use to promote their work and more importantly to me their culture.  1st Phorm would be at the top of that list, just because I believe in what Andy his team are doing.  I would also love to shoot for a magazine, one of my idols is Per Bernal.  You don't know who that is?  Well go pick up almost any major fitness magazine and I am sure you have seen his work.

So what is your dream job?  What is the job that you wouldn't have to be paid to do?