Now Booking for 2015!!

Fitness season is approaching us fast and you athletes are busting your asses to get in the best shape you can.  When you step on that stage you would have spent months on a strict eating regimen, taken hours out of your day to work out and do cardio, drink more water than the great lakes all to walk across the stage and show off your physique for a few minutes?  Competitions are amazing they bring out the drive to push yourself to a point that most people cannot do, so why not book a shoot and really capture that moment?  

I will be shooting more than ever in 2015 and I would love the opportunity to speak with you about a photo shoot.  Please take a look at my page, /, and if you see something you like please shoot me a message through the contact page or at  Here is an image I had the pleasure of creating with IFBB Bikini Pro Jessica Lynn!!