Natural Build Physique Seminar at Dudas Fitness

Thanks to John Arnold and Nicole Dudas for letting me come by their seminar today and talk to all the amazing athletes.  Photography is a part of the industry a lot of people are unfamiliar with but invaluable.  Not only can your stage shots tell you so much about what you looked like on stage and how you looked against your competition but it captures you and your journey too!!  Along with that the one on one shoots are just the icing on the cake.  They let you show off your transformation, your hard work, the weeks of eating chicken and broccoli.  Wanting to quit but never giving up.  The days you doubted if it was worth it, all for this one moment to shine, and shine you will!!  You should get in touch with a photographer and capture these moments but don't forget to live those moments either!!  Take it all in the journey is worth it!!